8 de octubre de 2010

Final solution (Peter Ubu)


The girls won't touch me
Cos I've got a misdirection
Living at night isn't helping my complexion
The signs all saying it's a social infection
A little bit of fun's never been an insurrection
Mamma threw me out till I get some pants that fit
She just won't approve of my strange kind of wit
I get so excited, always gotta lose
Man that send me off
Let them take the cure
Don't need a cure
Need a final solution
Buy me a ticket to a sonic reduction
Guitars gonna sound like a nuclear destruction
Seems I'm a victim of natural selection
Meet me on the other side, another direction
Don't need a cure
Need a final solution

1 comentario:

  1. Gracias por compartir esta canción, como vemos tiene una lírica y un theme muy interesantes, so, es un placer leerte y disfrutar de estos temas caballero.


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