14 de abril de 2018

Mi canción de amor

Sense here, touch me, under my skin,
you feel that? the thickness that kills
Slice, hard, quick, the sharpness's gone,
you got no more knife, but still got theeth

Get through, and devour me!
I feel so tasteful

Season my wounds, punch me hard
You in my mouth, this is what I want
You've never hated so much before,
after this night only one will stand

Get through, and devour me
You are so mine

Shut your mouth, shut it at once
Hear, they're coming, astonishing bass
Flamethrowing tempest, we're both done,
the silent angels in funeral march!
Wrap my limbs, I'll take your wings
I'll share your flesh with noone else
Flee, cannibalistic lover,
They'd rather take my soul than my shreds

Get through, and devour me
red ritual

Imagen por TheFoxAndTheRaven