27 de junio de 2008

Black Wedding (Blutengel)

There was a black wedding
In this strange cold night
All the people laughed
But she she wished to die

She offers him her secrets
Gave all the love she had
And she sees herself dying
Lay naked on his bed

She'll be his victim in this special night
She'll lose her beauty she doesn't want to fight
She want's to be loved only for this moment
She could never win this lovely game of life

He kissed her silver body
And smell her warm red blood
But he can't listen to her
Can't hear her trembling heart

Her smile vanishes when she looks into his eyes
All his sweet promises crumble into dust
She doesn't want to see this greed in his eyes
But her weak protest dries up in his lies

1 comentario:

  1. Herrera acabas de conseguir que las pocas probabilidades que tengo de ir al cielo se hayan agotado...espero que nos veamos allí, dicen que es mucho más divertido...tu ya me entiendes...enhorabuena por tu blog para gente culta...un abrazo de azpeitia


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