19 de diciembre de 2008


Feel the rage in all of your holes,
You must realize I am your foe.
Feel my whipping destruction,
feel the blood in your asshole...

Machines torturing your guts,
your assflesh bouncing with my chains,
I`ll hurt you till you worn out
and your mind can´t feel no pain.

Your skin... Ravenous... of paddles!

Bones crashing, superbondage,
outraging screaming carcass,
carving the Hell beneath your eyes,
stop shouting me your disgrace

Your skin... Ravenous... of paddles!

Your skin... Ravenous... of paddles!

1 comentario:

  1. Fuck bro, holly shit!!!! Heavy lyric about the beauty of pain with pleasure. Thanks for sharing, camarada, Roger


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