31 de agosto de 2009

Poem to my victim

Imagine mi knives slicing the sweetest piece of you
Imagine my tongue leaving its sinful trace of desire
Imagine your world blown off by the furious pleasures I give you,
and the darkness you will lay on, made of your own dry blood

Satan assigned me to bring you the real face of insanity
Noone will save you unless you get prophanated your virginity
I will screw you, I will saciate
the putrid feelings I can`t regret
I will make you wish the pleasure of death

I'm your holy butcher, the priest that corrupts your temple
I'm the bastard that fulfills your worst expectatives
I will sacrifice your soul
I will drain out your dark blood
I will make you wish the pleasure of death...

Trust the truth of the faithless,
it will set you free
The Unleashed is awaking,
be part of the prophecy
Look'round, look for the injury,
smell the burning bodies,
take a seat in my table,
and taste the flesh of guiltness!

2 comentarios:

  1. Hey Bro. I like it, very nice song but I dislike the Spanish translation, could be a classic, for sure, just find a good band and pleaseeeee let me know when ready to listen to. Un abrazo fuerte, roger

    just few mistakes (set) better= (send) (in my table) better= (on my table)

  2. Thank you, Mofo, for reading my foolish.

    As you could suppose, I have not a degree in foreign languages, but as I know, the expression "to set free" is very common (particularly in anarchist songs, such as Now you´ve got something to die for by Lamb of God).

    About "on my table", I have no idea, but i´m on it XD.

    However, I´m proud that you care about it, so it means you care about my writtings, and I fucking love it.

    See you in the abyss!



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